Moderator’s Page

Moderator’s Vision

I am truly thankful for the opportunity of serving the Knoxville District Baptist Association.

I want to serve as District Moderator because I see the potential that our churches have. I see the giftedness of so many people. And when I thought about what God has in store for us, I got happy and then I grew humbled. This is a task that I cannot do; this is a task that we cannot do; this is a task that only God can do and I am trusting Him to do it through us.

In Nehemiah 2:18 when the people were faced with the daunting task of rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem the people of God gathered and with one voice said “let us rise up and build” and they strengthened their hands to do this good work.

Nehemiah faced enemies from within and without.  When they tried to weaken their work, Nehemiah’s prayer was, “O god, strengthen my hands.”

The KDBA has a great work to do; we have a great God to serve; we have a great community to win; therefore, our theme will echo the sentiments of Nehemiah,

“Strengthening Our Hands For This Good Work”
“Equipping, Empowering, and Energizing the Church”

I envision the KDBA becoming a model of what can happen when churches work together;

I see the KDBA being a trailblazer in helping our churches develop and maintain ministries to better serve this present age;

I see the KDBA continuing to reach into the dark and untouched areas of our community and world and bringing those who are lost into the light;

I see the KDBA partnering with businesses in our communities;

I see the KDBA developing its own credit union and becoming financially solvent;

I see the KDBA establishing the K.D.B.A. (Knoxville District Basketball Association) where our churches will be on the field of play for fun and;

I see the KDBA fulfilling the call of the Prophet Micah and our lord Jesus Christ–in that we will, “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our god”;

I envision us exemplifying the Kingdom of God so much that we will have to offer associate memberships to AME, AME Zions, Pentecostals, Independents, Holiness, and CMEs because they will get a whiff of the sweet aroma that we will emit and they will want to become a part of us;

But in order for this to happen we—all of us—have to have a mind to work.  We will seek out the wisdom of our seniors, we will hear the voices of our youth, and we will serve our God—Lord, strengthen our hands for this good work.